Welcome to Stackster

Stackster is the system you have been looking for, access data on websites worldwide from any geographic origin you'd like, fully anonymously. Get the data your company needs to give it the edge over your competition. We handle the networking, hardware, rotation, blacklist-avoidance, statistics and more. Your data is now just a service call away.

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Stackster Features

We offer enterprise-level Software Defined Networking as a Service (SDNaaS) at a competive price with a heavy emphasis on worldwide presence, IP diversity and operational excellence.


Military grade AES-256 encryption of all inbound data over HTTPS. Full anonymity guaranteed on all outbound traffic.

Easy To Use

Simple API and SDKs for your language make integration easy. A user friendly and extremely intuitive web interface lets you understand your usage data.


Our entire platform is built on elastic cloud infrastructure, so you can rest easy knowing we can scale with you.

Awesome Support

We provide fast and high quality support for all our customers. 24/7 response, 1 day SLA.

How it Works

It all starts with a service call that can be sent via code in any language that supports web-interaction(Java, C#, Python, etc...), our SDKs, or a browser via a plugin. You pass us settings, including desired geo-location, headers, and a target. We handle the rest. The request is routed to one of our exit nodes, and the traffic will now appear to originate from the geographic location you specified, with whatever headers and additional settings you desire.


About Us

We are a Seattle based startup that consists of a team that has a combined experience of several decades in network solutions and software. We've built crawlers, scalable services and bare-metal infrastructure for some of the biggest companies in the world. We are out to arm our customers with an edge in the escalating race of competitive intelligence and online presence. We aim to deliver solid business value at highly competitive prices and performance. We think our product is every bit as good as a custom built network infrastructure + software solution at a fraction of the cost.

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Phone: +720 515 3755 - Inquiries and Sales: info@stackster.net